Tips For Getting A Career In Finance

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive due to more people searching and less job openings, it is important to know how to stand out. When looking for a career in finance, there are several ways to not only improve your own skills while you look, but also to find that future job. Here are several tips on how you can score one of many careers in the financial industry.

Base your searches on specific companies and not on the actual job. Instead of thinking what job you want, think about which companies you want to be a part of. Sign up for newsletters and e-mails from those top companies and when they have an availability, they will contact you. Look through those openings and decide if you would be a good fit for that particular career option.

Networking is the job search of the future. It sounds like a simple idea but it really is key. Look at professional websites you can join, like or, that can help you meet employers. Also, talk to your parents, friends, family, neighbors, or whoever has a job in the financial industry that may know someone who can hire you. Even if they don’t know anyone hiring, they can still give you advice and help you make connections that can benefit you down the road.

On your resumé, focus on education and related work experience. If the career in finance you are working towards is an entry-level job, discuss what classes you have taken and what skills you learned from those courses. If you only have a small amount of related experience, put it on your resumé no matter how insignificant you feel it is. For non-related work experience, include it on your resumé, but leave out your duties.

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